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Various items of Beau Peep souvenirs and memorabilia have been produced over the years, though Roger admits that merchandising Beau Peep has never really been a priority:

“.... the strip has been around for over thirty years and, even when the books were selling well and The Star was giving it lots of publicity, it never attracted any interest from merchandising outlets. (There were one or two exceptions, like the Beau Peep fruit machine).
I don't have a problem with this as I never set out to conquer the world -- my only aim was to write a strip that appeared in the British press. I didn't for a second believe that it would last this ridiculous amount of years.
All this reminds me of the famous George Burns' quote as he approached his 100th birthday: "If I'd known I was going to live this long, I'd have looked after myself".”

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