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Beau Peep fan and cartoonist Nigel Sutherland launched beaupeep.com on 25-10-2000.
At its launch, Nige said:

"Here it is, the funniest cartoon strip in the world!
I used to buy the Beau Peep books, and spend the days howling with laughter, never imagining for a moment that I would one day get to know the writer, Roger Kettle, becoming firm friends. Taking full advantage of my hero-worshipping status, he asked me to design and produce the website beaupeep.com -- which of course I did!"


Nige is a professional cartoonist in his own right:

He also is the Managing Director of a travel agency:

An article in the Daily Star from November 2000, just after the launch of beaupeep.com:


This new-look Site was launched on xx/xx/xxxx, with technical jiggery-pokery by Malcolm Johnson (www.mince.co.uk) and wordy stuff by Rob Baker (www.whoseroundisit.co.uk).

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